20 Unexpected Tension Rod Uses Around Your House

Tension rod is a multi-functional supply to use in your home. It’s easy to purchase, practical and versatile.  WoW Thumbs Up will bring to you these Unexpected Tension Rod Uses you will get amazed and want to try organize your home such ways.  These light weight tension rods wound cost you much, comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes and can be easily personalized by painting or cutting too. Whether you’re using it to help organize and store some of your stuff, or just to make things a little prettier for home improvement. Just go dig out the proper one that can meet your exact needs of a comer in your room. Check out the list below and see if any of these ideas can help keep your home organized even further.

Unexpected Tension Rod Uses Around Your House for Home Improvement

1. Simple Tension Rod Play Room

Just like the reading nook mounted to wall, you can simply attach a Tension rod in between two shelves or bookcases in kids play room or reading room for a fun corner they can enjoy.

Unexpected Tension Rod Uses - Simple Tension Rod Play Room Curtain


2.  Pantry Shelf Segment

Those heavy and large cutting boards or cooking sheets will take up a lot of space in a cabinet, and easy to get tilt over when you pull out any one of them. Try standing them on their sides, and using smaller Tension rods to keep them upright. You can use thick wire as alternative to save more space with this idea, too.

Unexpected Tension Rod Uses - Pantry Shelf Segment

Source: Martha Stewart

3.  Easy DIY Tension Rod Shelving

Unexpected Tension Rod Uses - Easy DIY Tension Rod Shelving Tutorial

Tutorial: www.thepopupprincess.com 

4. Tension Rod Shoe Organizer

Shoes can occupy a lot of space in your room or closets, especially for ladies, now you can save your limited space and display them up as art with Tension rods along the wall or inside the closets.

Unexpected Tension Rod Uses -Tension Rod Shoe Organizer

Source: www.aloyallove.com

5. DIY Tension Rod Jewelry Storage

Unexpected Tension Rod Uses - DIY Tension Rod Jewelry Storage Tutorial

Tutorial: www.engineeryourspace.com