DIY Recycled Mitten Glove Dog Tutorial

You may have fun with all those Recycled Mitten Crafts as well that WoW Thumbs Up presents to you last time. And I am going to bring more mitten gloves to recycle your remaining mittens. These mitten glove dog is so easy to cut and sew together, with step by step tutorial available to guide your through.  We also have recycled sock crafts which are so addictive for holiday decoration as well as for kids activities. And now if you have old kids mittens or work garden gloves, turn them into fun kids crafts with these Recycled Mitten Crafts below.

DIY Recycled Mitten Glove Dog Toy Tutorial

Supplies you need:

  1. Regular Weight Plain Seamless Knit Glove
  2. Sewing Supplies: Scissors, Needle and thread, 2 black doll buttons as eyes; 1 big button as nose
  3. Polyfiber stuffing

How to:

Cut off the fingers of glove, remaining index and small fingers. Sew the cut off borders and add stuffing as body. Add stuffing to middle and ring fingers, sew as arms to body.

DIY Recycled Glove Dog Toy Tutorial

Cut off another mitten with same cutting, then cut off the wrist part to make it short with an angle. add stuffing and sew as head

DIY Recycled Glove Dog Toy Tutorial

Sew or glue buttons on, you can cut an odd sock as its sweater, add scarf for decoration. Draw around button eyes with marker just make it more fun.

DIY Recycled Glove Dog Toy Tutorial

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DIY Recycled Glove Dog Toy Tutorial

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